From Fenders to Jacksons – Meet The Line-Up

Rosli Mansor montage

It’s been a while. We have been busy but all is good.

Since joining Swee Lee Music, Rosli has had these wonderful opportunities to play different brands and types of electric guitars and effects pedals for their YouTube channel, from Fender and Gibson to Jackson and Gretsch. It was a dream come true for any guitarist, what more for him.

And although he did 150 over videos, it doesn’t mean this is all that Rosli has been busy with.

We want to present the best for everyone who has supported Rosli till today and there are a couple of things in the pipeline that we hope to share it with everyone soon.

Thank you for all your support. Please subscribe to Rosli’s YouTube channel for the next update and see you around soon.


Melayu SG and Rosli Mansor


There’s much to celebrate this August with Singapore celebrating its half-a-century-plus-one-year birthday and the nation’s very first and ecstatic win at the Rio Olympic Games.

Local television channel Suria wanted to produce a series that looks at the Malay community in Singapore and of their achievements and challenges in the past, present and future. And they approached Rosli to write music for the series.

His versatility in music is evident from his past works as a solo artist and composer for documentaries, short films and theatre plays. Without hesitation, Rosli dived into this project with pride as a Singaporean Malay and a local musician. What’s better than contributing his part to the nation via his musical sense and capabilities?

And working on this project left an indelible and deep mark on Rosli. He reflected,

“It explores how the Malay community went through the trials and hardships in the last 5 decades and how our success is made that much sweeter by holding fast to the values and principles that made our country successful – multi-racialism, meritocracy, self-reliance, mutual cooperation and the spirit of give and take.”

“Many Singaporeans have quietly put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes to build this great nation, so here’s to many more fantastic and progressive years ahead!”

We totally agree with Rosli how far the nation and the Malay community has come and bolstered by the win at the Rio Olympics, we’ve been given more than a sliver of hope and of the possibilities to come for every Singaporean regardless of race, language or religion.

Click on the image below to view the video. To catch the rest of the episodes, tune your telly to Suria channel every Thursday night.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 9.30.19 PM


Rosli’s Kerjayaan Video On Toggle



What will we do without technology and the internet these days?

Thankfully for some of us who missed out Rosli’s TV appearance on Suria’s Kerjayaan last week, we can now watch it at the click of a few buttons instead of hoping that will be a re-run or someone managed to record it.

The video is up on Mediacorp’s Toggle website and you can view it here:

We don’t have it in English subtitles for the time being, and hopefully we can come up with the transcription. Otherwise, there is always the good ol’ Google Translate or the people whom we call friends to help us out. 🙂

Mediacorp Suria’s Kerjayaan Interviews Rosli

Rosli Mansor

(Credit: Azizi, guitarist of local band Ambassador)

Once you’re on the roll, you will feel like nothing is going to stop you in your tracks. And we at terraBox think that is the case for Rosli.

After our January’s announcement of Rosli’s endorsement by music giant Marshall Amplification, you can now watch and listen to the man himself on TV program Kerjayaan, an info-ed program on post-SG50 Singapore being at a critical crossroad. In the program, Rosli shared his thoughts and insights about his recent endorsement with Marshall, the constant learning and improving in his music career, and music retailer Swee Lee Music Company.

Being no stranger and totally comfortable in front of the cameras, Rosli’s presence will grace your digital telly tomorrow evening (March 10) on Mediacorp’s Suria Channel at 8:30PM SGT.

FYI, the interview and subtitles are in Malay. So if you have a friend or friends who are fans and supporters of Rosli AND understands Malay, why not gather them over dinner and catch the show together?

Don’t forget to set your alarm reminder or TV recorder for Rosli’s appearance on Suria’s Kerjayaan!

Marshall Amp Endorses Rosli Mansor


This has got to be one of the greatest news to come in for the new year of 2016!

We are very proud to announce that Rosli is now endorsed by music industry giant Marshall Amplifications! (

Making amplifiers for the past 54 years, Marshall is a ubiquitous name in the music industry and used by many big-name musicians and artists such as the late Gary Moore and Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, and Rosli’s guitar hero Jeff Beck. We are elated that Rosli has now joined the ranks of these guitar greats and is the first artist in Southeast Asia to be endorsed by Marshall. We dare say this is a big breakthrough for local musicians and one of the firsts for our music scene.

As we celebrate this wonderful news, we are also taking time to remember Rosli’s closest friend and support, Keyjohan Ismail. You may remember seeing or reading his name as Rosli’s co-producer and drummer in his instrumental albums Dragged and Deeper Than Purple. His soulful drumming was present at most of Rosli’s live performances, and in several YouTube videos on Rosli’s channel.

Sadly, Keyjohan passed on from cancer in 2014 and is not here to celebrate the news with us.

Thank you Jo, for being there for Rosli and helping him tremendously on his music journey. We are glad to have known you and seen your unwavering and heartfelt dedication towards music. May your soul rest in peace.

Rosli wrote a touching and personal letter to Jo on his Facebook page, expressing his gratitude towards his brother and close friend, and ultimately dedicating the endorsement to him.

Dear Jo,
I have great news to share with you, my brother!

When I was told that I’m officially endorsed by Marshall Amplification, I was ecstatic. I wanted to pick up the phone and call you because you are so much a big part of it. 

Being in the Marshall family – one of the biggest giants in the music industry – is something I’m very thankful for.

Remember how we started, grinding day in and day out, just to get things done? We squeezed in whatever time we could, on top of our jobs, to do what we love. To create music. No matter how tired we were, we soldiered on because we believe in what we were doing. Because you believed in me.

And our recording sessions into the wee hours for Dragged, with Mohammed Ali Abdullah from Snoots Music? I’m grateful to Ali for having faith in us and getting the ball rolling. We were exhausted but it was worth it. Next came Deeper Than Purple, and things were even tighter and closer and falling into place. 

And remember when Edwin Tan from Om Labs endorsed me with his custom Sahasrara OD? You were so happy for me and said that there are more good things to come.

What Edwin started eventually led to greater opportunities with Gibson/Valley Arts, Providence, Yamaha and others, and then my first amp endorsement with Laney Amplification. And now Marshall. 

I will always remember our teh-tarik sessions (with kuih puteri salad :)) about achieving peace. There was a period of time when I was absolutely down and out. You came over to my place, dragged me out of the house and drove me to ECP for breakfast and that much-needed blast of sea breeze. You kept talking about our heroes, our life dreams and goals, and that we have to *keep moving forward*. You always understood what I was going through and you kept me from going further downhill. 

You once said that you felt my pain during the launch of ‘Deeper Than Purple’ when they were playing “What The Moon Said” in the background. And I know you truly meant it because tears were welling up in your eyes. And we agreed that to feel pain and struggles in life is better than being numb and lost as they give us the strength to keep moving and building an even stronger will. 

I will never forget that moment. 

And remember my search to truly understand gratitude? I realised it all boils down to the actions of one. We are here to serve others and leave in peace. You have shown and taught me how you have helped others even though there weren’t much being returned to you. When your efforts were not acknowledged, you willingly let it go and moved on. You have taught me so much about the strength of being on the other side of impatience. 

With that, I am thankful to those who have helped and supported me in my career that has led me to where I am right now. Each and everyone of them. 

And finally, to end this letter, I am dedicating this endorsement to you, Keyjohan Ismail, my brother. You deserve it more than I do because of your humility and patience and because of your tireless dedication to your art. 

It’s been tough without you around but thank you so much for being a part of my life. 

Love and Peace always.