A personal thought on Rosli Mansor’s Dragged

This is the cover of Rosli Mansor’s instrumental rock album, Dragged.

A 10-track, locally written and produced, instrumental rock album. Google “Joe Satriani”, “Steve Vai”, “Jeff Beck” and you will get a clearer view of this music genre.

The local music scene needs our support as a way of nurturing and encouraging its growth. We should always support our independent musicians, though (in my opinion) it doesn’t include successful artistes like Stefanie Sun, A-do, JJ Lin or Tanya Chua. There is much room for growth to accomodate more aspiring bands and musicians; and the industry needs the support it can get so as to set and achieve higher standards and breakthroughs.

Back to Dragged. Some may feel the album is no different from those produced by other local bands/musicians. Some may not like it because it is instrumental music. No lyrics and singing of heartbreaks, tender moments, anger and despair. No rich, luscious or haunting voice to reach the depths of one’s soul. No radio-friendly, hummable pop tunes.

We won’t know how good or bad it is until we give the album a spin. If you tell yourself you had enough after the initial few minutes, I ask that you don’t stop CD. Rather, sit through the entire album and at the end of it, you may just find yourself having a whole new perspective altogether.

10 tracks, a good mix of fast and slow tunes: pakoo boomi, hear me river of love, dragged, rescuing rukia, invasion, deeply uncommon, purple, seeking flaws, quarantined qarin and farewell september, pizzas & sparklers.

Each track tells its story, all the tracks tell one story. Do you hear the story?

If somehow, somewhere, you feel a urge to own this album, there are a few options:-

  1. Email info@roslimansor.com
  2. Drop me a comment right here or on any of the posts.
  3. Buy it at the following places in Singapore (click on it to display the location of these places):

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