Meet The Band (Part I)

You’ve heard them play in the album, at the album launch, Rock Mania @ Hougang and recently, DEAFCON 4. It’s about time to meet the guys who have been giving the musical support to Rosli.

First off, meet the guys who’ve been ‘on tour’ with Rosli and read their short introductions.

Bani Rahman – Bassist

Been playing a couple of years now backing local artistes such as Art Fazil, Nuradee, Tanya Chua, Jai, Brinal Chua, Stoned Revival (for some studio sessions), etc. Currently, I’m recording with Brinal Chua and The B Quartet. It’s cool to play with Rosli as his music is more musical as an instrumental rock album. The guitar is Rosli’s voice; he got soul, knowledgeable in music, as well as being experienced in innovating his songs. The tracks are very melodic, some I consider to be ‘painful’. Listen to the album and you will know what I mean.

Shern Wong – Guitarist

Born on 1st June 1983. Shern grew up listening to the likes of ABBA and the Bee Gees. At age 17, he discovered rock music and the electric guitar. Today his heroes include EVH, Paul Gilbert, Rosli Mansor, Joe Satriani, Neil Zaza & Andy Timmons. Currently, Shern performs with Rosli Mansor band and plays on Friday nights at Carnival (Chijmes) with singer Aisha, under the name ‘Manning Monika’. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, watching movies, drawing and chilling out at coffee-shops drinking ‘Kopi-O’.

Adam Shah – Drums

Name: Adam Shah
Age: 19

Adam is currently pursuing a diploma in Music and Audio Technology at Singapore Polytechnic. He has played with artistes such as Taufik Batisah, Don Richmond, Dick Lee and Babes Condes, and was a member of seminal local band The Observatory with whom they played locally and overseas in countries such as Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

His influences as of late include The Mars Volta, Jaga Jazzist, Radiohead, Pat Metheny Group, Bjork, Bloc Party, Rosli Mansor and TOOL.

While not drumming, Adams runs his solo project named Mockstar in which he plays guitar, bass, drums and even sings! His second musical love after drums is the guitar, where he confesses to be an insane gear head who will gladly oblige you in deep conversations of the plethora that is guitar gear mania.


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