Meet The Band (Part II)

He is the the key grooving force that drummed Rosli’s album into what it is today. Rosli calls him the ‘Soul Groover’, a name apt for someone who has the backbeats and the souful rhythm.

Meet Keyjohan Ismail, co-producer and drummer of Dragged.

Gear: Gretsch and Yamaha drums; Zildjian and Istanbul cymbals
Influences: Drummers with huge Pocket and Groove.

With the world under his feet and many years of showbiz experience tucked under his belt, Keyjohan Ismail is set to make waves where ever he goes. Passionate about drums and percussions, Keyjohan drummed his way through National Service in the Singapore Police Band. After performing at numerous state functions, he was geared for the colourful and mesmerizing scene the secular world has to offer. No stranger to both live gigs and studio sessions, he worked side by side with many renowned artistes. From our homegrowns such as Rosli, Art Fazil, Kick and Humpback Oak to Taiwanese pop stars such as Jeff Chang and Pan Mei Chen and Malaysian singer, Zainal Abidin.

His most exciting experience yet has to be with Armand Sabal-Lecco, Randy Bernsen, Steve Thornton and Zahid Ahmad, a band of world class musicians. Touring and performing on Dick Lee’s Secret Island Tour in five of Japan’s major cities was another exhilarating journey. As they say, it can only get better.

Currently he’s a member of the local band “Energy” since 1996. And we wait with bated breath as we watch this fascinating
drummer get closely acquainted with his beloved drums and take the music industry to another level.

Keyjohan’s impression of Rosli :-

I first met Rosli at the 1989 Yamaha Band Explosion. All these years, he really worked hard musically until he came out with his debut solo album. His guitar work is so fluid yet melodious, reminds me of Mike Landau. As a human being, he is patient and a nice person to work with. He has somehow affected my life spiritually and musically. I’m very proud of the album; it’s really hard work..Rosli, thanks for having me in your album and believing in my drumming. Wishing you all the very best and hope we can work together again in the future.


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