Meet The Band (Part III)

Mohamed Nor Bin Alias (a.k.a. Matno)

10 Things You Should Know About the ‘Harmonic Man’

1. A self-taught electric bass guitar player; started playing bass since 1982.

2. Besides bass, he plays acoustic and electric guitar.

3. Has been teaching the guitar and bass guitar since 1992. Currently teaching at Echo Music School and Overseas Family School; previously taught at a drums-and-bass clinic at Republic Polytechnic.

4. An in-house bassist for Snoots Music

5. Recorded a song for Rosli Mansor – Quarantined Qarin (you can hear his harmonics works)

6. Played bass for Blindspot; a local expatriate band. Currently with Batteries Not Included, the resident band of Insomnia (located at CHIJMES), since June 2005.

7. Performed with various Malay artists e.g. Art Fazil, Zubir Abdullah and Nuradee

8. Performed in various clubs and nightspots in Singapore. Has also performed in several countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia , Indonesia, China, Taiwan and Australia.

9. Born and bred in Singapore, 30/07/1969

10. Speaks English and Malay and a firm believer in National Reservist (police force)


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