Meet the crew

We’ve been introduced to the musicians. Now let’s introduce the people whom many things will not be possible without their help and support. Meet the crew who have been helping at several of Rosli Mansor’s events:-

Khai and Durrah (D for short) – This is a power couple. Khai is a guitar tech for Rosli and the musicians and D takes cool photos during Rosli’s events.

The other photographer not seen anywhere in this post, Dean, is an ex-bassist and a even more power photographer with his to-kill camera gear.

Jevin (on the left) – the guy with the eye. The video camera eye that is. The credit goes to him for the ‘Rescuing Rukia’ video

Shuxian (on the left) – she’s in charge of merchandise sales. Better don’t play-play with her if you want your stuff.

Hairul – the guy who plays the most crucial part in getting Rosli’s sound right in his role as guitar tech, together with his pair of deft hands that keep Rosli’s guitars in good shape. On top of these, he acts as Rosli’s guitar advisor on matters of the gear i.e. guitars, amps, maintenance. A guy who wears many hats.


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