Album reviews in the papers

2 reviews on Dragged came out this week on TODAY and Life!, reproduced below: –

Review by Zul Othman, TODAY, 4 Sep 07

STRANDED in sea of musicians more interested in mimicking the latest trendy Q magazine-approved outfits, it’s safe to assume that instrumental rocker Rosli Mansor sticks out like a sore thumb. But there is a certain charm to his debut album Dragged that is made up of 10 guitar-led tracks, ranging in moods that go from intense to serene in moments. It’s not hip by any standards but the 38-year-old demonstrates a visceral love and understanding of rock and soul that is compelling. Besides, his talent and sheer force musicianship-wise is more than entertaining.

Review by Yeow Kai Chai, Life!, 7 Sep 07

DRAGGED isnt what your were half suspecting it to be – studio session musician Rosli Mansor doesn’t explore the gender bending realm populated by the likes of Scissor Sisters and Mika. Instead, he’s akin to someone like Carlos Santana – a bluesy maestro who showcases his dexterity across genres as wide-ranging as rock, dub and folk. His hands are his tools of communication, coaxing out feline whines and angular electric riffs with relish. There’s a spirit of worldly inclusion, sometimes in unexpected ways. Listen to how he sneaks in references like Bon Jovi’s ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ into the psychedelic doozy ‘Purple’; or gently plucks his sturdy companion as vocalist Mary Lee delivers Cantonese aphorisms in ‘Deeply Uncommon’.


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