“Rescuing Rukia” – The Haunting Voice Within

It is an instrumental album, then there was the subtle and unmistakable voice of a woman in the chorus of “Rescuing Rukia”. The face behind the voice?

Lily Anna.

Lily Anna is no stranger to the music scene. An experienced performer and a versatile singer, she sings genres from pop, latin, rock and jazz. Her involvements included singing in Jack Neo’s movie soundtracks, Liang Po Po and That One Not Enough, a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in DBS Life!Theatre Awards in Toy Factory’s Beautiful Thing (Mandarin version), many Esplanade Presents shows like Lunchbox, Morning Coffee Afternoon Tea and Mosaic Music Festival for 2 years in a row. She has also performed at Sentosa’s Jazz By The Beach events, on international platforms and provided her vocals to numerous television adverts. She was also selected to be part of the Singapore’s National Day 2007 theme song, “Will You”.

Once she got past the questions of her involvement in an instrumental album when Rosli first asked her, she quickly got into the groove of things despite not knowing very much what she had to do until she stepped into the studio. And this is what Lily Anna has to say about the experience.

Working with Rosli for his track, “Rescuing Rukia”, was a pleasant and nice experience. He allowed me to be myself and be able to share my input to make the vocals work. And because he knows what he wants in this album, coupled with his dedication, the whole recording process was hassle-free. I had not much idea of what was to come for the track, but I have to say the melody of the guitar is contagious. It’s still ‘plucking’ in my head!! That must be a good sign 🙂

More information on Lily Anna can be found on http://www.myspace.com/iamlilyanna.


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