Rosli on Valley Arts Roster of Players

Deep in the swamp of emails in one fine September day was an email from the local Gibson folks and as the email was being read, one particular sentence stood out,

…The people at VA are thrilled that Rosli’s really into their product & they’ve decided to include Rosli onto their roster of artists.

A few weeks later, the nice folks of Gibson gave a copy of the roster to terraBox management (image shown below). Rosli’s name was listed together with some well-accomplished and famous players such as Brent Mason, Paul Jackson Jr, Ricky Medlock of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Warren Haynes of Allman Brothers.

Upon hearing the good news and receiving the roster copy, Rosli said, “When the news was told to me, it felt so surreal. But when I finally saw the roster list, it was something I had never dreamt of. I feel really honoured to be listed together with legends like Brent Mason and Paul Jackson Jr., and very much so because I am a Singapore musician.”

He added, “I hope this will lighten up the way for all musicians out there, especially from Singapore and around the region. The effort by Valley Arts has definitely encouraged me to work harder towards making music that reaches out to listeners from all walks of life.”


4 thoughts on “Rosli on Valley Arts Roster of Players

  1. It’s really impressive to be the only Singaporean among so many international musicians… and I’m looking forward to more of your music!

  2. Congratulations on being listed among the best in the industry and placing our little red dot island on the international arena. Keep up the good work!

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