History of Rosli & Valley Arts

With all ten fingers in the air, that equals two-thirds of the number of years ago when Rosli owned his first custom boutique guitar, a Valley Arts Custom Pro guitar, in 1990. Bowed by the quality and that several of his music heroes owned such boutique guitars, he continued his love affair with Valley Arts guitars till late ’90s.

More than a decade later in 2007, Rosli’s journey took on a different tune. With Valley Arts’ support to his music, Rosli is once again the proud owner of a Valley Arts Custom Pro guitar made according to his specifications.


3 thoughts on “History of Rosli & Valley Arts

  1. his history is now showing off in the magazine “MANJA” pg 48 for the NOV 2007 issue.. Bunyi Guitar Irama Rock.. I was surprise to see the article.. haha.. peace..

  2. All the way sensei. Hope to see u appear in public more often and finally making urself more and more heard by the local audiences woot

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