Snoots Music

Meet the recording label for Rosli’s Dragged and the man behind the label and one of the key factors in the making of the album.

Mohd Ali, music producer and owner of Snoots Music.

Mohd Ali has his interests in wanting to promote the local arts / music scene hence he created Snoots Music, a recording label and set up his own recording studio.

Rosli and Mohd Ali were acquainted since Mohd Ali’s polytechnic days. Rosli experienced hiccups in the early production stages of Dragged and Mohd Ali came onboard the project after Rosli approached him. He saw the potential in instrumental music and believed in the work that Rosli was doing. It was that belief that made the realisation of Dragged possible as Mohd Ali took on the role of producer and recorded the album in his studio.

More information on Snoots Music can be found on the following:

or email to the following address:


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