A Date With Fretboard Frenzy

A morning of heavy rain lightened to a drizzle by late morning. No doubt it was the most comfortable setting for a long snooze in bed.

Yet there was a hustle and bustle taking place at *scape on 1 Mar. If you had slept through your Saturday, you don’t know what you’ve missed.

5 guitarists. 5 workshops on SOFT.com.sg’s monthly gathering for forum users.

FRETBOARD FRENZY: Rise of the Stringers was a good event where many turned up yet much much more could have totally pack the place like sardines. Nevertheless, many who came for the event left with good information and knowledge from the guitarists.

And it was also the first time that Rosli first showcased his fretless guitar and played melodious tunes from it. Watch the video of him crafting wonderous tunes from his fretless guitar here:

Now you are wishing you have been at the workshop?

You still can view images taken during the event here: http://soft.com.sg/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=11109.


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