Photo feast from Fretboard Frenzy 2

Some overdue pictures taken at the second Fretboard Frenzy: Rise of the Stringers 2 on 3 May 2008.

The early birds

More of the early birds

First presenter, Shern Wong and his band

Second presenter, Malik of MALEX

Midday crowd

Third presenter, Addy Rasidi (Photo credit: Edwin Tan)


Fourth presenter, Rosli (Photo credit: Edwin Tan)

Rosli and his sweet double-neck guitar, featuring Rukia (Photo credit: Durrah)

Rosli and his 3 Ms of music composition (Photo credit: Durrah)

Power duo Rosli and Addy playing Rosli’s song, “Pakoo Boomi” (Photo credit: Durrah)

Fretboard Frenzy invited artists (minus a few absentees) (Photo credit: Durrah)

The newest Fretboard Frenzy invited artist, bassist and soloist Wendy Phua (Photo credit: Durrah)


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