RM Music Talk with Perwanit Teens Club

The bright and sunny morning of 12 June 08 saw youths of Perwanit Teens Club at Eunos Community Club for Rosli Mansor’s Music Talk.

The topic of the day was about Rosli’s experiences and personal thoughts on his journey as a musician. For the talk, he brought his equipments: his custom made double neck guitar, a M-Audio Firewire 410 and a Mac Powerbook loaded with Logic Mainstage.

Rosli spoke to the teens on how he first came to be involved in music, the hard knocks and disappointments he faced and how he channeled the negativity he had in his life then into music. The final result was his rock instrumental album, Dragged, a reflection of his personal journey and struggles in life. The album graphics, all conceptualised and hand drawn by Rosli, further emphasised the album’s overall theme.

Using “Pakoo Boomi”, “Rescuing Rukia”,  “Seeking Flaws” from Dragged and his new song “Ego or Truth”, Rosli went on to explain how these songs came about based on certain situations he faced in his life.

Peppered with light-hearted jokes and real-life examples, the youths listened attentively throughout the talk and seemingly understood the message that Rosli was telling them. Upon request, Rosli played “Hear Me, River of Love” to end the talk. Each youth got to bring home a RM badge and through a Q&A session, some of them got a copy of Dragged or a RM t-shirt.


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