RM on Suria’s FYI, now on YouTube

For those who missed him on Suria’s FYI on 25 July, you can now watch it right here. Rough translations below.


VO: For Aliff, his deep interest in music destined him to meet one of our local great guitar player, Rosli Mansor. Through Rosli, Aliff learnt a lot about the instrument.

Host (to Aliff): Why did you choose Rosli Mansor as a mentor or idol in playing the instrument?

Aliff: Confident. How to believe in yourself. To be a strong guitar player.

Host (to Rosli): What do you think of Aliff as your student?

Rosli: He was quite an established football player when I questioned him if he was sure of taking guitar as a career. He insisted (on it) and so I shared with him the pros and cons of being a musician.

Host (to Aliff): What do you want to achieve or plan at this point in time?

Aliff: I want to do an instrumental album and I wish to see myself playing side by side with my teacher Rosli and Addy Cradle. If God’s willing, that is what I aim for now.


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