The Modern Guitarist Workshop

Students of Rosli Mansor gathered at iShop by Club 21 (Orchard Cineleisure) for The Modern Guitarist Workshop on 2 August 2008. As a musician and guitar teacher, Rosli came up with the workshop idea to introduce his students to making music using technology. With that idea, he collaborated with Roy Lim from Psyche Music Productions to co-conduct the workshop. Roy is Rosli’s old friend, a guitarist and a Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Studio.

Logic Pro is Apple’s comprehensive suite of professional tools that provides musicians with everything they need to create in the studio on the stage, and for the screen. Logic Studio includes several components, of which two components: Logic Pro 8 and MainStage (Apple’s professional music application) were covered in this workshop.

At the end of the workshop, everyone indicated they want to see more of what Logic Pro 8 and MainStage can do in future workshops.

For now, here are the pictures taken during the workshop. 

Roy, certified Logic Studio trainer

Rosli and his Beatles-themed guitar, with the Apogee Duet audio interface (supported by Team108 )

Sensei and the Logic Pro expert

First student to arrive, Trisno Ishak (ex-Urban Exchange singer)

Roy introducing Logic Pro 8

Thinking hard

Wendy Phua familiarising herself with the Mac

Rosli introducing MainStage

Listening intently…

Trainers and trainees


11 thoughts on “The Modern Guitarist Workshop

  1. first to comment!

    I think logic studio integrates many functions that various other software provide. It is fun pretty easy to start composing right away with these tools working together under one platform.

  2. first off i would like to say, ITS A GREAT WORKSHOP!!! although i look weird in the photos, and rosli looks abit too sexy for his image! muahahhahaha!! its a really interactive and easy learning.. really helps and inspires composers to move on with this software. indeed i am looking forward to the next workshop! thank you all very much.

  3. It was fun and well presented! i really like the Logic software.Maybe more in future to hands on? who were those people with cameras?

    overall it was G.R.E.A.T !!

  4. The lessons were clear and well explained.i am so going for the next one.

    Kudos to Rosli and Roy!

  5. A very well organised pro workshop by two excellent trainers. We were even given personalised lanyards and refreshments each! I’m not new to mac or logic, but I sure did learn some news things. Definately looking forward to the next! Thanks Rosli and Roy!

  6. It’s been my absolute pleasure to share with you this wonderful suite of pro applications that I so love. There’s more to come peeps! See you at our next workshop and please… Give me questions!!!!

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