RM on Suria’s Teachers’ Day Special

To celebrate Teachers’ Day this 1 Sept, Mediacorp’s Suria Channel has a special program dedicated to the teachers.

The one-hour program, titled UntukMu is hosted by Fizah Nizam and Shah Iskandar and the synopsis (taken from Suria’s website) goes like this:-

“Educating goes beyond the realm of classrooms. Students and teachers exist in the sports, the arts, the entertainment industry, the working world and many other places as long as there is one who is willing to inspire as well as share and one who is willing to learn.”

This Sunday’s (31 Aug)  episode features an interview with RM on his 18 years as a guitar teacher, keeping in touch with the latest technology in music-making (in his home studio) and how he introduces the technology to his students (at the recent Apple’s Logic Pro Workshop). The program will be aired at 8.30pm.

Thanks to the director Yusoff Ismail, assistant director Saloma Misran and the hosts Fizah and Shah.

We’re not forgetting the behind-the-scenes pictures too…


7 thoughts on “RM on Suria’s Teachers’ Day Special

  1. HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY! Thanks for your patience and guidance… you’re the best! I’ll definitely catch you on tv this time!

  2. cher cher you are the best cher in the WOOOOORLD!!!!!!!!! promise i will practice more everyday 😛

  3. Well Said Cikgu,enjoyed the show on TV and thank you for having the PATIENCE and still carrying on to guide me and giving me confidence to improve myself,you’ve taught me in many ways not only guitar related that words cannot express. That’s why you ARE, HAVE BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST TO ME. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY and selamat menjalani ibadah puasa di bulan Ramadhan,i’ll see ya soon.

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