Yamaha Endorsement Promotion at Tampines Mall

Exciting, exciting!

Last Sunday marked Rosli’s first official endorsement appearance for Yamaha. Together with fellow bass endorsee Wendy, they performed together for a 45-minute set at Yamaha Tampines Mall.

Their trusty Yamaha sidekicks: the AES1500 semi-hollow electric guitar and BX-1 headless bass guitar

Both performers arrived an hour early to do their setup and soundchecks, and even the short rehearsal attracted quite a bit of attention from the crowd walking in and out of the store.

Sound checking

When the performance started, people started to crowd the store’s entrance. Young and old, the crowd was engrossed by Rosli and Wendy’s performance as both performed two songs from each of their debut instrumental album.

The supportive crowd, both young and old

Both hard at work to entertain the crowd with their music

After the performance, Rosli took some time to take pictures with his fans and supporters. (Don’t scroll your mouse down too fast because if you may find yourself in the pictures!)

Thanks to all of you for coming down and giving the support!

Thank you to Yamaha, especially Dennis, Azman and the folks at Yamaha Tampines Mall for the event and ensuring things go smoothly.

If you’ve missed the performance last Sunday, do not sweat as Rosli and Wendy will be making their second appearance on 27 September (Saturday), 2pm at Yamaha Plaza Singapura. If you like their performance, then do tell your friends about it and invite them down for the next performance. See you there!


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