A Blast at Yamaha Plaza Sing’s Endorsement Appearance

A blazing good time for those who were present at Yamaha Plaza Singapura to catch the second endorsement appearance of Yamaha endorsees Rosli Mansor and Wendy Phua.

The store was so packed that some had to view through the glass panels outside the store. And this round, there was a guest appearance by Rosli’s student and fellow musician, Shern Wong, who joined Rosli and Wendy for the last song “Rescuing Rukia”.

After the performance, many stayed back to try out and enquire on both Rosli and Wendy’s gear setup and their instruments.

In all, we thank everyone who came, be it our fans, friends or students, even to those who may have just wandered into the store and stayed till the end. Now, let the pictures do the talking.

Setting up prior to the performance. Look at all the Boss pedal boards!

The crowd (do you see yourself in there?) before and during the performance.

Rosli Mansor and his Yamaha AES1500 semi-hollow electric guitar

Wendy Phua and her BX-1 headless bass guitar.

The duo in action

Shern Wong in action, with his Yamaha LJ6X acoustic guitar.

Mo, the sound engineer and his equipment, the Yamaha AW24 digital recorder.

Rosli with fans, friends and students. You guys rock!


3 thoughts on “A Blast at Yamaha Plaza Sing’s Endorsement Appearance

  1. It is exciting and inspiring to see our local musicians Rosli and Wendy, endorsing an internationally renowned brand as Yamaha. I’m sure many enjoyed the clinic, it must have been a real eyeopener, especially when Wendy showed that the bass can stand out more than just being a support instrument. I cannot wait til Rosli’s 2nd album with his new Yamaha LLX36 and Wendy playing bass and co producing. It’s gonna be a blast.

  2. The clinic performance and talk was so inspiring especially testing original Singapore Music pieces composed by Rosli and Wendy with Yamaha instruments. Yes I see myself in the picture here! Anyway I wrote my experience and thoughts of this talk on my music blog. Feel free to visit it! Love to meet and make friends with new music lovers and musicians!

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