Farewell 2008 & Hello 2009

It is another year coming to a close and it has been a very eventful year.

Looking back, sincere heartfelt thanks to many of you who have shown your support for RM in 2008, even to those who hail from as far as Texas, USA! And also, being thankful for the things that happened: 2 successful Fretboard Frenzy (a.k.a. Guitar Day with SOFT.com.sg), live appearances on national television, Yamaha endorsement for its top-range acoustic guitar, etc.

With the ‘ups’ in life, there are always the ‘downs’ as well: the constant struggle for the recognition of instrumental music in Singapore and the passing of RM’s father, Haji Mansor bin Haji Siraj. RM may be down for a while but he is definitely not out and will be more raring to go with his all for 2009!

As with the usual festival month, RM is busy with working gigs (and not much time hanging around at home with his cats). That’s not all! He is also busy writing for his next album and will head into the studio next year. For those who are anticipating his next album, the wait till next year is going to be worth it as RM works to give another of his best in the upcoming album.

In the midst of all the festive shopping, eating and celebrations, RM wishes all of you Happy Holidays and a good 2009 for all!


2 thoughts on “Farewell 2008 & Hello 2009

  1. Happy 2009 Rosli Mansor… Sorry about yr beloved dad. Be strong and i know you can make it and dont give up with the instrumental path… wish you all the best!

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