Spend An Evening with Rosli Mansor

Now that Rosli is back, he is not only preparing for his second album but also preparing for his first performance in 2009.

This coming May at Esplanade Concourse, he will be performing songs from Dragged such as the crowd favourite ‘Resucing Rukia’, ‘Seeking Flaws’ and ‘Hear Me, River of Love’, to name a few, plus one song from his upcoming album.

“I am excited to be playing this May, and all the more so with my second album in the works and the launches of instrumental EPs by upcoming instrumentalists Brandon Gan and Shern Wong in May. The instrumental scene is heating up and I believe there will be more offerings to come in this genre from our local talents”, Rosli said.

Joining him for this performance will be newcomer and fellow guitarist Khai Yamin. The newest kid on the block, Khai plays with his metalcore band SOS and is currently learning from Rosli. Following the footsteps of his mentor and fellow guitarists Simon Lai and Shern, Khai is planning to release his own instrumental album in the near future.

Of his student, Rosli commented, “Khai has a very strong potential to be a solo guitarist and songwriter, which are the reasons why I called him to play alongside with me for my upcoming performance”.

With such exciting updates of the things to come, come join Rosli this May on 7 May as he kickstarts an exciting month and for the rest of 2009.


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