Venice by Rosli Mansor ft. Khairil Yamin

If you’ve missed Rosli’s performance at  Esplanade Concourse last Thursday, then this is one video of Rosli and fellow guitarist Khairil Yamin that you should not miss. In this video, they played “Venice”, a song from Rosli’s upcoming second instrumental album.

The song, with its soulful and reminiscing tune, coupled with the eye-catching scarlet double-neck guitar, have a profound and mesmerising effect on many who have seen and heard it. And in the trail of the performance, they left their comments about “Venice”:

my sis sitting beside me watching as well, we both agree that this is gonna be our new fav song besides rescuing rukia, the song feel is awesome can almost imagine the lyrics…” – Lydia Goh

magical touches…simply marlevous!!!” – Mohamad Faisal

Rosli Mansor is one hell of a musician. Listening to Venice made me feel as though he was reaching out and touching the deepest darkest part of my heart that I never knew existed. He left me enthralled, all without lyrics. Because the music spoke for itself. You’re missing out on music that is beyond good if you don’t listen to his songs…” – Huiling

I still don’t get it…How you just keep creating melodies that lingers in the ears…making them coming back for more. Wish I was there…2nd album quick quick!!” – Nasrun Hussein

I LOVEEEEEE THIS! 😀” – Debgrace Tay

Amazing…This song truly depicts the tranquility venice offers. Great job by my sensei, always remembered~ =]” – Ming Jie

Mesmerizing, I love it.” – Jessie Cheah

Excellent! (:” – Lyjing Lao

Soothing and breathtaking in all the right places – Makes me feel like I’m on a gondola taking in the sights and sounds of Venice itself (:” – Vicki Lim

…he writes and plays such reminiscent and embracing songs such as Venice. So can we hear more of such songs in the second album?” – Zhao Peiyi

“venice… fav!!!! cant get the melody out of my head….” – Muhammad Nur Shahrull


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