Deeper Than Purple with Keyjohan Ismail

As Rosli continues working on his second instrumental album, we like to introduce the key persons to the development of the album and the first featured person is Keyjohan Ismail, producer and drummer on the second album.

Passionate about drums and percussions, Keyjohan started drumming lessons in the late ’70s at the Yamaha Music School. His first performance was at the Singapore Jazz Festival fringe in 1982 where he played drums for the SBC junior orchestra/combo. He drummed his way through National Service in the Singapore Police Band performing at numerous state functions.

No stranger to both live gigs and studio sessions, he worked side by side with many renowned artistes and musicians all over the world,from our very own artiste to artiste and musicians from Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China and America. Music has always been in his heart. “Simplicity” and “Less is More” are his keys beliefs in music. Besides performing. Keyjohan is a drum teacher at the Music Lab and plays with local band Energy. He believes that “the best way to be a good teacher is to stay a student yourself. That way you’re always learning.”

Keyjohan uses Gretsch Drums and Zildjian and Istanbul cymbals.

Hear what Keyjohan has to say about his involvement in Rosli’s second album.


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