Introducing the new Yamaha NTX900FM Nylon Guitar by Rosli Mansor

The NX series, boasting a tagline “Unleash Your Music’s Inner Voice”, represents a new style of nylon strings guitars with pickup systems. The series offers two body types: the classical style NCX line and the thin-bodied NTX line.

Hitting our shores from the NTX line is the NTX900FM guitar and Yamaha endorsee Rosli Mansor will be giving two performances and demonstrations on this new guitar. Accompanying him with the Yamaha LLX36C is Khairil Yamin, who has recently played alongside Rosli at Esplanade Concourse and HeritageFest at Vivocity.

Rosli will be at Yamaha Tampines (located at 3rd floor, Tampines Mall) on 5th Sept (Saturday), 2pm and Yamaha Plaza Singapura (6th floor) on 6th Sept (Sunday), 3pm. Admission is free.

Come down on either of these dates and allow yourself to be blown away by both the mesmerising playing of Rosli and allure of the NTX900FM guitar.

See you there!


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