Deeper Than Purple with Hamid of Black Dog Bone

After seeing Keyjohan and Azman working their magic behind the recording of Rosli’s upcoming album, don’t think that is it.  The invited guest musician coming on board this exciting project is someone who has played in some of the most prolific bands of the music scene for the past 30 years.

Hamid is a bassist of the legendary local band Black Dog Bone and sessions for another legendary and renowned local rock band Sweet Charity. A veteran to the music scene as both a musician and sessionist, Hamid brings his wealth of experience and hints of his magical touch to Rosli’s songs.

Working with Hamid, Rosli has nothing but praises.

I felt very honoured when he agreed to play some of the songs. He is a walking musical wizard on bass…plug and play and all the ideas flow. He made my songs alive with the depth of his tone and he blended so well with Keyjohan’s drumming and my melodies.

In this video, we get to see the infusion of his magic into Rosli’s songs and he reveals how it has been for him working with Rosli and the album.


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