Videos without photos are no fun!

Videos are interesting to watch but nothing’s more exciting than the good ol’ ‘paparazzi’, splashing pictures of what goes on behind the scenes. A picture can say a thousand words so it’s going to be a huge chunk of words for these photos of the guys hard at work behind the studio walls.

Plenty of action, hot teas and coffees, melodious music, intense bouts of concentration, lots of discussions, creative brainstorming, shiny enticing gears usually take place during recording. However, no fun makes Jack a dull boy so the boys in the studio remembered to smile and laugh a bit too.

Guitar and gear fan boys, remember to standby a napkin. And for the non-huge fan boys or girls, enjoy the pictures too!

Vintage but still fully functional

Red Qarin and PZHead auto wah

Guitar (left): The headless Steinberger
Guitar (right): The Beatles Guitar. Illustrated by Luscious Ink & airbrushed by Boyllamy Che Li of ART ‘D’ REQA


2 thoughts on “Videos without photos are no fun!

  1. hello, what a good job you’re doing. Very professional and complete.
    just like a Guitar Magazine, or maybe better!! Keep up the good work. 😀
    (sorry for the double post)

  2. That (rather gorgeous) brown Strat sorta looks like Rory Gallagher’s…altho not quite as beat up.
    Some great pics of some damn fine guitars (and more)…am both a musician and a fan boy.
    Thanks for the napkin, twas needed 😀

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