Deeper Than Purple with Nizam of Studio 47

You have seen Rosli working alongside with his producer/drummer Keyjohan, co-producer/bassist Azman and guest musicians Hamid and Gavin working hard and having a good time in the studio recording Rosli’s second instrumental album. However, all these would not be possible without this key figure and this figure is Nizam, the unassuming but humorous technophile behind the controls.

He mans the consoles, prepares the various equipments that help to achieve the desired sounds and also possess a pair of good ears to what goes into Rosli’s album. Oh, did we mention he has a big heart, a goofy but serious worker and is the co-owner of Studio 47, the ‘cave’ where the guys have been in ‘retreat’ all this while?

Listen to what Nizam has to say about himself, working with Rosli and the upcoming album.


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