Going Deeper Than Purple with Rosli Mansor – Guitar Day 2

In March 2009, Rosli Mansor stepped into a recording studio in Woodlands and began the journey of music- making, his second rock instrumental album. He invited us to be on the journey together with him, a journey most colourful and “deeper than purple” .

Many a night and month was spent in Studio 47 over cups and cups of teh, kopi and questions over what to have for meals to what gears to use. From Keyjohan to the guest musicians, and even the co-owner of Studio 47, it was clear the guys had a ball of a time working with together. From the jokes they cracked to the goofy moments they sparred each othet with, we cannot help but to laugh and smile with them.

Cliche it is, but good things do come to an end, at least for now. The mood in the air was mixed after the last note was recorded. Everyone is happy that the recording is finally completed and at the same time, feeling a profound sense of loss that the wonderful journey they had for the past months was now coming to an end.

Nonetheless, everyone is looking forward to the mixing starting January 2010 and the wonderful, soul-reaching experience that the second album will take us on.

Continue the journey together with Rosli into the new year and we look forward to eagerly share with you the second album in 2010!

Happy Holidays!


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