Announcement of DEEPER THAN PURPLE album launch!

The long wait is finally over!

ROSLI MANSOR and terraBox invites you to join them at the eagerly anticipated launch of Rosli’s second instrumental album DEEPER THAN PURPLE.

What is the relationship between a boy with a pizza box as his head and a cracked purple wall? What altered reality lies behind each of the 13 doors? In search for the truth, the last man stands alone in the ashes of an unavoidable war. Faces and love that you know disappears with the sands of time. This is the world that is DEEPER THAN PURPLE.

So take a deep breath and delve into Rosli’s realm on a journey DEEPER THAN PURPLE. There will be vouchers giveaways from Leftfoot. If you purchase the CD ticket, you also stand to win a BOSS DS-1 pedal, specially modded and sponsored by Look For Beez!

Play Den @ The Arts House
3 April (Sat), 8.00PM
Tickets on sale at the door
$19 with 13-track CD (per entry)


For a preview of the songs from the upcoming album, do visit

This event is made possible by our sponsors (not in order):
Luscious Ink
Contempo Music School
The Om Labs
Look for Beez
Common Nonsense
Ignite Inc
PF Flyers


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