Look For Beez sponsoring Deeper Than Purple

Quiet and unassuming upfront in a corner on the first floor of Roxy Square II in the heart of Katong, lies a shop with glass walls plastered with certificates, posters or postcards of guitar heroes. The shop space is not big yet comfortable to sit in; new guitars on the wall and guitar stands wait for its fateful owners; small amps stacked neatly against another wall.

Welcome to the shop known as Look For Beez.

It is hard not to like Beez, with his unassuming personality and a ready smile. What is more striking is his work: fixing guitars (sans luthier work).

He started fixing guitars since he joined Yamaha many years ago as a sales person. Through his strong interest in the instrument, he became a guitar specialist in the shop and slowly taught himself how to do guitar set-ups (electric, acoustic and bass guitars), electronics, etc. What started as part of the service and his job eventually led him to set up his own business when his friends and customers took notice of his personalized service, good know-how and repair skills.

Beez said, “I only started opened this shop two years ago, although I have been fixing guitars for the longest time. It was only after years of encouragement from my friends that I finally decided to set up a proper business.”

Despite the lack of advertising, Beez sees daily a constant stream of people anxious to have their guitars fixed, some with requests to have their guitars fixed right away. And it happens to be something Beez is comfortable doing.

“I usually do on-the-spot repairs or jobs, if it’s not too complicated or the parts are available. With no express charge. My charges are reasonable and only higher if it’s a complicated job, which may take a few days or longer. And all my works have a one-month warranty; I throw in one free session for guitar set-ups as well.” Who are his customers then? “Most of them got to know me through their friend’s recommendations or through online music forums. Many of them are my repeated customers too.”

As a one-man business, Beez tries to be in his shop most of the time. “However there are times when I have to run out to buy parts, so I usually tell my customers to give me a call first if they plan to come down to the shop.” Expansion plans are on his cards although he will give his business another 5 to 7 years before expanding.

Other than fixing instruments, he also sells BOSS pedals, amps, guitar set for beginners, guitar bags and custom-made cables. Top of all these, Beez managed to squeeze out some time throughout the week teaching students how to play the electric guitar in blues and rock styles, two of his favorite music genres. “The weekends are fully booked and availability depends on the amount of work orders,” he said.

The once-avid fisher pointed out that with his busy schedules, he could not find time for his favorite activity. He showed a photo of four young tanned guys grinning under the bright sun and smiled, “My kakis and I used to fish quite often. Sadly with our busy schedules, we don’t fish much anymore.”

And he has this say when asked about his sponsorship for Rosli Mansor’s upcoming album launch,

“Other than the fact that I’ve known Rosli for many years, I know he has always been passionate about the guitar and music and I find what he is doing with instrumental music unique as not many local musicians are doing this.”

“And so with his album launch coming up, I am more than willing to support Rosli and his efforts in promoting local and original music through the sponsorship.”


If your guitar needs some fixing with quality servicing, check out Look for Beez.

50, East Coast Road,
#01-125, Roxy Square II Shopping Centre,
Singapore 428769
+65 9773 2633

Mon – Fri: 12pm to 8pm
Sat: 12pm to 7pm
Sun and PH: Call for appointment


2 thoughts on “Look For Beez sponsoring Deeper Than Purple

  1. It’s really good to see that you are one of the sponsor of Rosli Mansor latest cd Deeper Than Purple. I like the jazzy Rescuing Rukia track and hope the latest cd is of that nature.

    Btw, you sell any good value/price electric acoustic guitar. I was contemplating a silent Yamaha and may take up the guitar for fun after seeing what Mansor had achieved. Please email me.


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