Contempo Music School sponsoring Deeper Than Purple

When you ask anyone on the streets of Singapore what comes to their mind when it comes to music courses, it is likely that many will mention Yamaha. And this is one of Yamaha’s strong points.

Recognising the increasing interests of Singapore teenagers and young people in music, Yamaha set up its first Contempo Music School at popular shopping mall Plaza Singapura back in the late eighties. In the era of a rising MTV-fed generation, many young hot-blooded youths yearn to look, play and sound the same way as their favourite music idols and bands. And Contempo Music School was there with its music courses that teach how to play the cool electric guitars, bass guitars, drums and keyboard. There are also courses teaching the acoustic guitar, saxophone and the flute for the crowd with different musical tastes.

And of course, a school is not complete without its teachers. Contempo Music School boasts a roster of instructors and many of them have been with the school for several years. Besides Rosli Mansor, other senior instructors such as Spencer Goh, Ignatius Bong and Anthony Fong have been in the music industry for the past 20 years and are still very active in the local music scene, bringing their wealth of experience and knowledge to their students.

Coupled with its well-structured syllabus, the School soon gained popularity among teenagers, youths and even young working adults. Notwithstanding newer Contempo Music School outlets in Thomson Plaza and Tampines Mall, Contempo Music School at Plaza Singapura still retains its signature as the first Contempo School in Singapore and is conveniently located along Orchard Road at Plaza Singapura, easily accessible from Dhoby Ghaut MRT.

The list of courses offered by Contempo Music School are:

Electric/acoustic guitars
Bass guitar
Portable keyboard

So if you are looking for a well-structured syllabus on how to play the above instruments and like to learn from experienced instructors, you can visit Contempo Music School’s website at or call Contempo (Plaza Singapura) at +65 63391171 for more information.

For a limited promotional period from 3rd April to 3rd June, say the code wordRoom 354 and get a waiver of registration fee for any Contempo Music course listed above. Only applicable at Plaza Singapura Branch.


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