Common Nonsense sponsoring Deeper Than Purple

Nonsense means some things do not make sense to many. To many it may be nonsense but may make perfect sense for the few. So the premise of Common Nonsense, the owner says, is doing things that the majority is quick to brush off as nonsense.

Meet Neo, (minus the black shades and leather trenchcoat), the guy who believes in working on his ‘nonsensical’ dreams and the owner of Common Nonsense. And he has a ready explanation when asked about the name’s origin.

“In practical Singapore, most parents are quick to dismiss their kids’ ideas or dreams e.g. being a professional footballer or an artist when they grow up. Some parents are even quicker to say that such aspirations or thoughts are nonsense.”

He adds on,”I’m determined to do my own stuff instead of being an employee in the corporate world so that’s how Common Nonsense came about.”

His own family was unlike the unsupportive parents he mentioned earlier. With his mother’s blessings, advice and support from his sister and brother-in-law, Neo began working on his dream to be a streetwear label early this year through a collaboration effort with local street art artists such as Antz and Zero. His plans are well underway and he is optimistic of the collaboration, which includes musicians as well.

“I want to provide a platform to showcase the great talents we have in Singapore through fashion, and that is why I agreed to sponsor Rosli Mansor’s album launch. He is a very creative guy with a lot of ideas and he is doing a lot of cool stuff.”

With the amount of logistical stuff to settle, Neo aims to have an official launch in the second half of the year. He remains tight-lipped on what’s brewing for Common Nonsense but says with a beaming smile, “For now, people can follow the updates of Common Nonsense through my blog site First up, getting cool designs on quality t-shirts and there will be more exciting apparels. All these coming your way soon!”


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