Deeper Than Purple Album Launch : A Visual Feast

If you weren’t at the launch of Rosli’s sophomore rock instrumental album Deeper Than Purple, we missed you. If you were present that night, we thank for you for gracing the occasion and your continuous support towards Rosli and his music. The launch is only possible because of you.

Here are some images that captured some of the key moments of the eventful day.

All photographs are courtesy of Vicki Lim.

At the entrance of The Arts House

Yes, you see that right! And it is definitely no Photoshop or illusional tricks. It’s a life-size Pizzahead Man with his double-neck guitar!

The air cackled with anticipation and buzz on the album and the performance.

All your well-wishes.

Pizzahead Man has conquered all sizes! Not enough being a life-size standee, he leads the audience to a journey that is Deeper Than Purple.

A pensive moment; a gathering of thoughts for Gavin Cardoza (guest keyboardist).

A packed venue of attentive, wonderful audience.

The band (L-R): Khairil Yamin, Rosli, Keyjohan Ismail, Azman Nirwan, Gavin Cardoza (not in picture)

“My heart has spoken. Thank you.”

Rosli invited his best mate and ex-bandmate on stage for a surprise encore: Rosli’s rendition of Deep Purple’s “When A Blind Man Cries” (and yes, Rosli can sing).

The guys put up a wonderful performance!


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