Rockin’ good time at Wanna’B Cafe

No doubt the weather of late has been very humid, but on 22 May 2010 the first floor of Wanna’B Cafe was packed to the brim with people wanting to hear and catch a glimpse of Rosli Mansor performing songs from his latest instrumental album Deeper Than Purple.

There was hardly any space for walking around and it was so packed that people spilled onto the walkway just outside the cafe. And Rosli did not disappoint the crowd as he played songs such as “Deeper Than Purple”. “My Heart Has Spoken”, “Rachel’s Dance”, “Tea Incident” and also from his first album Dragged the popular song “Rescuing Rukia”.

Pictures and videos (coming your way soon) are the best evidence to show the fan-tastic mood that night. Unless otherwise stated, all photos below are courtesy of Vicki Lim.

Wanna’B Cafe, located at 148 Arab Street, Singapore

Khairil Yamin
Khairil “Mr Panic” Yamin, who had a brief flash of panic moment but was nonetheless calm and composed throughout the night.

Azman Nirwan
Azman Nirwan, the groovy bass man.

Keyjohan Ismail
KeyJohan Ismail, the heartbeat behind the songs.

Rosli Mansor
Rosli Mansor and his only-one-in-the-world painted electric guitar

The crowd that packed the first floor of Wanna’B Cafe all the way to the walkway outside.

Rosli Mansor
Signing off on his latest album, Deeper Than Purple

The friendly and supportive crew and members of Wanna’B Cafe. You guys rock!

The band, together with guitar tech YK and photographer Vicki.


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