Sorry I’m Late (Live @ Wanna’B Cafe)

The voice of the guitar sounds hauntingly sad…tinged with regret, remisicing of the past. That is the premise for “Sorry I’m Late”, written by Rosli in memory of his late father.

“Say the words you want to say to your loved ones before it is all too late,” Rosli says when asked about how listeners should intepret the song. “This song was written to say I’m sorry that I couldn’t be by my father’s side when he breathed his last. So when I wrote this song, I hope that the listeners will realise the fleeting nature of time and to appreciate your loved ones before the chance is gone.”

Have a listen and after that, go up to your loved ones (be it your father since Father’s Day is round the corner or any of your loved one) and express your appreciation and love to them.


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