Rosli sings? Oh yes he does!

How often do you hear Rosli Mansor sing? If you mutter something to the likes of “It’s so rare!” or “Never!” to this question, then you are correct!

A refreshing and different video from so many that we’ve put up so far, this is one of the rare times you get to hear Rosli sing live (the last time he did that was at the album launch of Deeper Than Purple) and the first time we’re putting up the video of him singing!

He can intoxicate one with his playing, and create melodies that speak clearly for themselves and express the feelings that he wants the listeners to feel. And for his performance at Crazy Elephant, Rosli shows he’s equally good at belting out the blues.

Mustering his old blues soul, Rosli crooned John Mayer’s “I’m Gonna Find You”, much to the whistles and applause from the hyped-up audience throughout the song. The boogie-licious and retro sounding “Mocking Monsters”continued where “I’m Gonna Find Another You” ended on terrific note and sent the audience into another musical ride.

Rosli singing is something you cannot and should not miss!

Do you want to see more of Rosli singing the blues? Tell us by emailing us ( or drop us a comment right here.


One thought on “Rosli sings? Oh yes he does!

  1. Thanks for all who left their comments on the debut video of Rosli’s singing. Here are some of the comments from Rosli’s fans:

    Zulfadhli B. Selamat : Nice tone and good singing! 2 Thumbs up…

    DeanDio Leather : a classic blues old school touch as we always need most…”u got me crying..” wohoooo

    Serena Fua : nice!! I like it. cheers!

    Azizah Zee Rais-Harrison : Rosli .. I love it… when r u going to b playing at Crazy Elephant again? I want to come n see… good play there mate… e confidence wl come naturally… SING MORE!!! πŸ™‚

    Shawn Yap Wei : speechless (:

    Mohamad Faisal : marlevous!!

    Kevin Leong : rosli singing!

    Zane Motalif : Nice voice! Sing more Mr Rosli!

    Weijun Yang : wow~big surprise~!!love u sing and playing all the way~!!

    Xiao Ding Dong Bell : YAYYYY SING MORE πŸ˜€ like finally u SANG :DDDDDD

    Daniel Tan Zhi Yi : naice stuff hahaha

    Huang Yaoquan : woo0t

    Farhan Chagaron Han : Simply awesome

    Nigel Tan : yeh good on u Rosli! keep on singing the blues!

    Poh Shen : fantastic! πŸ™‚

    Carla Veldkamp : Love it.

    Marcus Loh : awesome man!

    Medz Hassan : Oe, i m not gonna find another “YOU”… Simply awesome dok! Best local talent! Bila mau jam lagi ka Peninsula mcm dulu2?? Lol!!

    Kelvin Wee : WOOOO !! rosli SINGS !!! Rock on sensei !!

    Sherman Tai : awesome singing actually:) finally a video with you singing!how cool is that.:)

    Daniel Tan : niCEE voicee!! ahh deyy! =D

    Glenda Poon : OMG! (Y) !!!

    Ross Andy : boleh jatuh cinta lah gini Chegu!

    Lian Huey : kool! man. hope 3rd album have some vocal too….

    Shafiq Kamis : Yeah!!! I agree with Lian Huey!! hehehe…Power beb!

    Mikee Bowers : Wow! You got the feelin and the talent and superb band!

    Hensem Robert : woooO~! niceee! what song is this? this isn’t in any of the two albums i have. Great voice. \m/

    Nasrun Hussein : Very nice… really like the way the band just gel in and got into the mood…. especially after the song is over… transitioning to Mocking Monsters. Tastefully done. Great job, guys!!!

    Denys Chok : The Blues in this one is strong!! Keep on singing the blues man!! \m/

    Herawaty Seman : Iseyman.. terngagah mulut kejap mendengarnye.. !! Oh My after so long i know you.. this is the 1st time i heard u sing.. Finally..!!! not bad..not bad.. : )

    Vicki Lim : Nice!!!! So fulla soul – Love it! Can’t wait to see more vids πŸ˜€ Agree with Nasrun, the transition to Mocking Monsters is cool too! Man.. times like this I wish I was back home so I can catch you gigging

    Jessie Cheah : Aooowwwwhooo! I love your voice! Blues and your singing makes this song so special, what can I say? I love it I love it I love it. I happen to love JM and this is one of my favourite songs from his CD ‘Village Sessions’ but you have made it more intense. Power!!!!

    Ida Ahmad : Wow! it’s nice to hear u sing amidst the music. should do it more often!

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