A cup overrunneth with Tea

A young man’s exasperation in his discovery that his quest in search of wisdom through the form of a wise sage is nothing but a feeble old man, who now before him is pouring tea with shaky hands. And the old man continues to pour tea even though the cup is full, spilling clear brown liquid unto the table.

Unable to contain his disappointment and exasperation, he bursts out at the old man, “You are no sage! Look at you! And why do you keep on pouring tea even though it is full?”

The old man put down the earthern pot of tea, and looks straight at the young man with his eyes that betray nothing of his age or feebleness. With a sagely voice, the old man simply replied, “How do you expect to be filled with wisdom if your cup is not empty?”

Here’s the video of the song “Tea Incident – Transfer System” and see if you can imagine the above scenario as the song plays out with its bursts of exasperation, understanding and then newfound wisdom peppered throughout the song.


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