The New Classic : A Yamaha SG1820 Demonstration

How can one not get excited whenever there is a new product showcase especially when the product has quite an illustrious history, like that of the Yamaha SG series of guitars? And curiosity is what got people to head down to Yamaha Plaza Singapura last Saturday to catch Rosli doing a demonstration of the new model SG1820 from the revamped series.

The new SG1820 closely resembles that of the SG classic guitar but that’s where the similarity ends. The Japan-made guitar sports Seymour Duncan nickel-covered ’59 humbuckers and active EMG60/81 pickups, coupled with African Mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboards. This newbie managed to attract people of all ages to be present that day to check out its new features and Rosli was pleased to have the opportunity to showcase this limited edition guitar.

“It feels very balance when you strapped it across your body. Tone-wise, it is great as it sounds fat and the guitar is able to handle varied sounds (thanks to the Seymour Duncan pickups), from chunky rhythms, singing lead lines to blues, jazz and even metal. Yamaha has also given the guitar some great tuning pegs that give stability and make restringing easy. Basically this guitar just has it all.”

If this guitar has tickled you much, then you can check it out at the various Yamaha Combo Stores. And here are some picture of Rosli’s demonstration of the guitar.

(All photos courtesy of Farid)


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