Me & My Guitar – Rosli Mansor at Esplanade Concourse, 7th Oct

“The guitar is my voice, my inner soul.” – Rosli Mansor

Rosli Mansor, Me & My Guitar, Esplanade

Coming 7th October (Thursday), Rosli will showcase just how much the guitar has become an important and inseperable part of him.

Held at Esplanade’s Concourse, you will journey through a musical history, the songs that have shaped and influenced Rosli since his youth in the first set at 7.15PM.

In the second set at 8.15PM, the early musical influences will show how it eventually fuses with Rosli’s interest in the guitar instrument, and resulting in the birth of some of the most imaginative and compelling instrumental music coming from our shores.

We look forward to have you join us in this intimate session. See you!


‘Me & My Guitar’ by Rosli Mansor

7 October 2010 (Thursday)
7.15PM & 8.15PM
Esplanade Concourse


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