Relationship Between Man And His Guitar

Esplanade had the whole of last week a feature of guitarists and the relationship with their guitars.

Rosli was calmed when he arrived with Keyjohan Ismail and Kharil Yamin, who were backing him on percussion and guitar respectively. A relatively fuss-free and smooth-going setup and soundcheck proceeded.

When evening dawned, it was clear it wasn’t just simply going to be a performance. While Rosli played songs from the past in his first set, reminiscing to the tunes of The Carpenters, Beatles and Led Zeppelin, he also spoke of how he had grown up listening to these favourite tunes.

In the second set, he demonstrated and explained how his early influences transformed his passion to him writing instrumental songs and the struggles he faces as an instrumentalist since the debut of his first album Dragged.

As Rosli spoke, the audience listened intently and absorbing every word he said. There was a hush silence when he spoke of “Sorry I’m Late”, a song he wrote after the passing of his late father and the emotions and regrets he experienced. Rosli was trying to look for words and for a brief moment, was emotional when he spoke about it.

In all, the intimate performance could not have been made possible without the attentive and appreciative audience present that evening, and also Esplanade for giving Rosli the opportunity to perform.

Below are images taken during the setup and soundcheck, and we’ve more images to come.


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