Iconic English Rock – Led Zeppelin

Musically different, flamboyant and rocking in looks and stage antics, nothing indicates anything ordinary about the iconic English band, Led Zeppelin. With much of their music being guitar-based and blues-rock, it is difficult not to like their music even till today.

Rosli Mansor grew up listening to the hits by the bands during their heydays in the seventies. A tribute consisting of Led Zeppelin’s unforgettable and legendary hits such as “Stairway to Heaven” and “Immigrant Song” seemed fitting for the performance “Me & My Guitar”, performed in a soulful and mesmerising instrumental medley by Rosli.

The opening notes of the medley got the audience clapping immediately. It’s difficult not to recognise the familiar and hugely popular “Stairway to Heaven” played in the most delicious tone ever heard. A hush fell upon the audience as Rosli, Khai and Keyjohan got the groove going, and if you close your eyes, it felt almost as if being transported back to the time when this song was written.

An inexplicable sense of being so near to the essence of the song.

As he moved on to the other songs such as “Whole Lotta Love” and “Immigrant Song”, the pace picked up and lifted the mood into a different level, filled with anticipation. If you love the originals, you may feel unsatisfied (or wanting more out of the original) after listening to the version that Rosli played that evening (like I did).

The songs had seemed to take a life of its own from the original, drawing its source of ‘new life’ from the groovy-ness of Rosli, Khai and Keyjohan.

Trying listening to the music with your eyes closed in a quiet room and you may find yourself nodding in silent agreement.


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