Moments of Nostalgia

The nostalgia is not because Rosli has performed at Esplanade before, but it is mood that the songs “Rachel’s Dance” and “Sorry I’m Late” had brought about that evening.

From the first note to the last, nostalgia (and also tender moments) flooded the cool space of Esplanade Concourse. The audience were hushed, as they were swept and carried by the emotions that Rosli coaxed out of each note of the songs.

As the audience clapped to the opening of “Rachel’s Dance”, the infectious beat of the song makes many tapped their feet away. It seemed like the perfect song to dance along to with your loved one, or perhaps an image of time forgotten that you shared with a special someone. Oh, it such a sweet yet bitter feel to it.

Rachel’s Dance

“He was always supporting me on my musical path, and proud to share how I was doing with my music with his siblings and friends over the years. A man that actually supported me being what I am now, a musician.” – Rosli Mansor on his father

Sorry I’m Late

Dedicated in memory of his late father is what “Sorry I’m Late” is all about. The song carries a message of appreciating the love and support your loved ones bring you and to cherish the times together before it is too late.

The echoes of Rosli’s guitar felt like a personal message of gratitude, love and a tinge of regret that words cannot suffice and only his music can express.


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