Rosli endorses new Yamaha ‘L’ series guitar

Meet the newest member to the ‘L’ series of Yamaha’s high end acoustic electric guitar, the LSX36C.

Those favouring the LLX36C but had been wishing for a smaller body now has their wish come true with the LSX36C. The guitar sports a similar design and features as the LLX36C but with a smaller body.

Marking the renewal of endorsement with Yamaha, Rosli will be featuring not just his currently endorsed LLX36C guitar but he will also be demonstrating the new guitar which he is endorsing also.

So for those who have been eyeing the LLX36C but have been holding on tight to their purses, now you can “ho ho ho!” with this as a X’mas present! If you can’t decide on either one, then head over to Yamaha Beatspot at Plaza Singapura, this Saturday 18 December 2010, 3PM to check out Rosli’s demonstration before making your decision.

Rosli Mansor, Yamaha, LSX36C, LLX36C


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