Rosli Presents Yamaha’s LSX36C

Rosli Mansor, Yamaha LSX36C

Come this Sunday 5th June, 4pm at Yamaha Plaza Singapura, Rosli will be giving a demonstration of Yamaha’s LSX36C. He will also be showcasing another model, the LLX36C, with Khairil Yamin.

Yamaha’s LSX36C features the A.R.T three-way Pickup System, a solid Engleman Spruce top treated with Yamaha’s A.R.E wood-reforming technology, and solid Rosewood back and sides – giving the LSX a brilliant tone.

Rosli says, “The LSX36C is a wonderfully responsive instrument and I look forward to sharing what sounds I can coax out of it together with you; see you there!”

And yes, we’ll see you there this Sunday at Yamaha Plaza Singapura, 4pm for an eye and ear opening showcase!


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