Rosli Reviews Yamaha’s Pacifica 611HFM

In what seemed almost like another day at Yamaha Contempo School turned out to be interesting for Rosli. A new guitar model had caught his eye.

Yamaha’s Pacifica is a well-known series of electric guitar since its launch, and this year new models under this series were released, one of which is the 611HFM model.

Rosli’s first impression was that,”…(it) is a modern guitar with a vintage feel.”

He continued,”From the maple-tinted neck to the gorgeous flame top, the instrument is almost flawless…I love light guitars, and I love how comfortably this alder body sits on my lap while not weighing me down.”

The latest model is paired with the p90 pickups and carbon fibre saddles. Rosli felt the pickups give versatility to the guitar.

“The best thing to me is how a telecaster twang can be derived from the ability to split the bold-sounding bridge pickup; and it’s even a string-through body, just like a real telecaster.”

Rosli managed to lay his hands on the guitar and recorded a video of how the guitar sounds like. Check out the video below.


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