RM + Yamaha + Laney Ironheart = 26 Nov 2011 @ Beatspot Tampines

It’s going to be a triple combi(nation)!

Rosli, together with Yamaha & Laney, are proud to bring to you a showcase of Yamaha’s Pacifica 611HFM electric guitar and Laney’s Ironheart Amplifier.

Yamaha has recently brought in the latest series of amps from Laney, and Rosli raved about it & the Pacifica 611HFM guitar on his Facebook wall recently (Don’t have his Facebook account? Just click on the Facebook button located on the right side of this page & add him as a friend now!).

Besides going in-depth on the features of both the guitar and the amp, Rosli will also be performing some familiar & new tunes.

This showcase will happen on 26th Nov 2011 (Sat), 5PM, at Yamaha Beatspot Tampines. Start keying the details of the event into your phone’s calendar now, set reminders for it, and we’ll see you there!


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