RM + Yamaha + Laney Ironheart : Round 2

Rosli Mansor, Yamaha Pacifica 611, Laney, Ironheart

Missed out the last demo Rosli did with Yamaha’s Pacifica 611HFM electric guitar together with Laney’s Ironheart amp?

Then set your hearts and calendars to the next demo of another RM+Yamaha+Laney combo! This time round, Yamaha’s Pacifica 510V will take its place alongside Rosli, its 611HFM sibling model and Ironheart.

Having used the 510V as a recording tool for the past weeks, Rosli can’t wait to showcase the very versatile guitar.

If you are looking to spend your well-earned moolah in Yamaha and want to know how the 510V performs (or the 611HFM if you missed the last demo), then join Rosli at the demo this Saturday (17th Dec), 5PM, Yamaha Beatspot @ Plaza Singapura.

As it always is, admission is free!


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