Signing Off 2011 With My Hands


They seem like such an integral part of our very being and we use them without conscious thought to perform tasks big and small. We need our hands to receive and release things. Very often births and deaths – beginning and endings…are greeted and met with our hands. They are extremely symbolic…clenched fists depict dictatorship or firmness, whereas open hands signify prayers and offerings.

But the thought that’s on my mind is about letting go…

This year I’ve lost many things. Two pets, Tiger and Brownie, nicest and sweetest animals I’ve known all these years. Taking their existences for granted just hit me hard when I don’t hear and see them anymore. I almost lost my bearings over some nasty individuals who have totally no respect of my works and conveniently put up my music online for free to download and that have made me almost lose my faith in the things that I’ve been fighting for for more than half of my life. I was vulnerable and in pain, and it was one of the darkest periods in my life.

But apart from my own losses I’ve been struck by the losses of my friends. One lost his mom and I can empathise because I lost my mom in 1992 and my dad in 2008. Till now, I can’t say I’ve completely let go. Another friend lost his health, and may have caused his life; but by clenching his fist and mustering his courage, he fought back and is doing well. Lastly, a friend lost her precious canine companion, Osho. She acknowledges that everything that has a beginning has an end, and that his time on Earth was up and she will always love and remember him.

I don’t want to lose things anymore. But that’s impractical and unrealistic. One hand must release for the other to receive. Hands signify decisions and we just have to make a choice.

This time I’m clenching my fist and making a stand. The best thing that happened in 2011 was letting go of my stubbornness and getting out from the downward spiral. I couldn’t let it take away my life and passion. Being proactive led me to extremely positive results, and I am glad.

Letting go of significant people in your life isn’t easy to do. But I know that if I let it go and it’s mine, I’ll get it back with the same hand, albeit in time to come; and of course it is in the hands of the Maker.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy new year, with all the best in 2012 and the years to come!

Signing off with a handshake,


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