RM, Yamaha & Laney Welcome The Dragon New Year

In a blink of the eye, New Year is gone and Chinese New Year has arrived! And in this year of the Dragon, we like to wish all who celebrate Chinese New Year a prosperous and fruitful 2012!

We also have one more video of the Yamaha/Laney demo that Rosli did in December last year. This time round, he played his popular song “Sorry I’m Late”. The sound coming from Yamaha’s Pacifica 611 electric guitar and Laney’s Ironheart IRT60H amplifier so amplified the soulful-ness of the song, the audience were all hushed as Rosli played on the song that holds such significance to him.

Having gone through both rock and blues tunes, the Pacifica 611 and Ironheart IRT60H have proved to be versatile all-rounders and Rosli couldn’t be more happy to be given the chance to showcase them.

Also, stay tuned for exciting news and developments that we can’t wait to share with everyone in the near future! Check back soon!


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