Rosli On Laney’s Just Play It e-Magazine

Rosli Mansor, Laney

We are counting down to the exciting month of June, where we cannot wait to have Rosli take the performing stage once more for Esplanade’s Late Nite Series.

But before all that, Rosli has been featured as a Laney endorsee on page 23 of the latest edition of Laney Amp’s e-magazine, Just Play It! It is just plain awesome! Click on the image above to access the e-mag.

And you know what else is equally awesome? Rosli interviewing guitar maestro Marty Friedman.


Don’t cream your pants just yet. Have to let you guys wait a bit until the interview comes out on TODAY’s papers in the coming week. (All thanks to Chris Toh of TODAY for making the interview happen).

Rosli had a picture of him talking to Marty Friedman posted on his Facebook page, and you can be sure Rosli was excited to meet him.

“I was overwhelmed to meet a guitarist who I listened to growing up as part of Cacophony with Jason Becker back in ’88 – I even named my old band Speed Metal Symphony! My favourite songs from him are “Thunder March” and “Namida (Tears)”, off the album “Dragon’s Kiss” released by Shrapnel Records.”

We can’t wait to check out how the interview went down between these 2 guitarists and we promise to be back in a jiffy once the interview with Marty Friedman is up and ready.


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